Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It's Cute


i've never thought people would read this. haha. just. that even if you are reading this i just hope you would just keep it as a secret. i mean to yourself. dont tell me that. cause then..i would feel mcm ohmygosh malu?

well..i've chatted with this someone i had a crush 2 years ago but then he had a girlfriend, and stuff. guess what's my wish this year? is to fall in love!:D yeah. im recovering from a really bad breakup, which..actually with a guy who i didn't even had a relationship with (?) ! i know i know it's a mess. but at least that's over. i feel more free and happy. it's not that he's all bad just that, we both kept this weird 'grudges' kott and constantly x puas hati dgn each other.

well, im afraid to trust cause i got rejected a couple of times already. guys i like seems to toy with me and it sucks.

so now.. yup i really wanna to have somebody but then again..i dont think my hearts ready for that kind of pain again. and again and again. supposedly it should be numb now.

well love to me is still and very good thing very pure and should be something share.(:

*i dont know how to post video! *please teach me haha


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tak kesah laa..

seriously after she said 'whats up with youu? you seem all happy and stuff even i can feel the vibe. me likey!:)" i feel like crap.

cause u know why?

cause yes, it is crappy right now. and it seems that im faking it sooo good that i freak myself out. i hate everything still. call me pessimist i am one. i can't seem to forget what i have done and what other people had done toward me. it's not vengeful it's just..hard to forget. *orang kata makan la semut banyak"*

i still can't forget and it bothers me alot. in my dreams, my life, and you? well you. you hide your wall to me? wow you never fail to disappoint me you know, congratulations! (: you were never there when i need you, *okay maybe just once when i cried about boys and you were there watching me do so* . you hurt my feelings a lot but i care for you most.

i didnt even mind when you start hanging out with other people without me cause i was always i was always out with that loser anyway. it didn't matter that i didn't click in with your friends right away but i still love you as always.

but when these things pile up, etc: you never listen to me, you always think you're right, you're not there for me, you hides things from me. it kinda makes me feel what i feel about you isn't what you feel about me. and it's not cool, cause i feel like a 'infiltration' to you're life. and guess what, i rather be not. so i'm just going away.. you know, from you. of course you wouldn't even care cause you never did anyway.

i know i sound like such a sore loser, but my trust has been abuse way too much *not just by you but by whatitseemslike all other people also* that i feel i was left naked. alone. humiliated.

Goodbye. :')


Monday, January 16, 2012

iT's Been Ages.

hi again!

someone once close to me remind me of my blog. i thought i'd burried it away since..i dont know, its not fun?:| but when i read back my past entries..hey, i miss this. i kind of forgotten of who i was before, and how i got to come becoming who i am today.

sure it's not much. i didn't even reach 10 but..yep. i kinda miss this. annd.. thanks to the guy who reminds me of all this:)

we're still close. haha. *for me i take it as that way.

well life is being a b*tch. haha. everything sort of reminds me of something that either it is not cool and downright south sucks. and literally everything. and im in process of 'cleansing' myself (?) *whatever that is* and yeah, i want to be all neutral again. im just saying its tough right now. :) haha

well meet my kitten!
Isn't she cute! just adorable. i llovvveee her soo much! <3 :D Her name's Maybeline. we call her Maybel. it's maybeline cause she looks like she's wearing white eyeliners.haha *no point. omaigos merepek -_-

well, goodnight world. be nicer to me next morning maybe?:3


Friday, October 29, 2010

Dear Syakirin,

i know we have been knowing each other since we were even young, but there's a couple of things i would want you to be clear of. when you feel hurt, i hurt too. when you seem lost, i get lost too. so here's the deal.

i understand that you feel very confused right now. i understand that you have no idea for what you are doing or even for what you live for. it's just a lucky thing that all these hadn't mess your results and such. i know you don't feel calm..contented. i know you had a lot of 'fun' but deep inside you're tired. tired of going out, tired of studying, tired of everything. going to a paramore concert, might be the most awesome night of your life but when you wake up the next morning i know you feel something quite not right. you've done a lot of things wrong. and it's good you're changing, trying to change at least now. but i also know you got no burning spirit that keeps you're head focus on the long whatever. you just need to know that you are STRONG. and you can achieve ANYTHING that you want. cause you are a freaking STAR. and you can sing, dance do whatever paint, and still be proud of it! because you don't give a hell of what other think they don't matter! all that matter is you're not hurting anyone and you are HAPPY.

i know,i feel the same thing too. so wake up!

you wrote 'i don't know what drag me to class everyday..'
and i reply : it's because you are amazing. and you got through all this crap for 19 and 11 months already. so fight it off, with your mind blowing AMAZING skills.;P


you're a strong leopard okai? :)

Sunday, August 1, 2010



im obsess over boots. O_O i wonder why cant i find these sort of things eh. kat malaysia xde ke?

lau ad mesti mahal GILE kan.haha. but i think i can spare a few *myb up to rm300 for boots.

example of boots im hunting.

please help.if seen please contact 1800imcrazyforboots. ;)
*btw it's kinda blurry coz i had to resize it and view.heres' the link.*


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

just another post

Just a short one.i want these.i want these.i want 'em. the first one and the third one is only rm28.the middle one is im keeping wateve left by my money to buy these.8)

.:i want these. 8|:.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Another day pass by~

yet another day pass by.not just any ordinary day,it's HOLIday.ok?so it's a big deal.when i'll enter cucms for MBBS i wont have these days much.meh.

sometimes busy makes me happy.sometimes too long being busy makes me crazy.

so news2,JPA will only sponsor tuition fees and sara hidup. which will be only rm770 a month.
house rental,rm280. which only leaves with rm490. *if my brain still works this shud be rite*
and this concludes i'll get an additional rm60 from what i usually get in foundy.heh.that's a very3 HUGE amount of MONEY.veryy very BIG.very HUUUUGGGEEEE.meh.

i just love stewie and brian they're funny.:P *oh yea,just started watching family guys so yeah.

Create Your Own Polaroid Picture

isn't it nice?it's a polaroid of a necklace,*more like a choker* anan bought for me.:) dem ke,tgah2 beli tu ad customer len dtg,pastu da usha2 ckp kat mak dy,'jom bla,kat sni mahal'. then we were like RED ALERT. haha,sian anan. :P

nothing much to tell coraline. nice movie.really great.i simply love kind of movie i guess.sort of creepy then.